Chris Smith & Jimmy Mackin

About the Authors

Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin are the co-founders of Curaytor. They help real estate agents, teams and brokerages increase the ROI of their marketing and improve their lead conversion rates using technology, content, and coaching. Their work has been featured in AdWeek, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune and The Huffington Post. Curaytor was also recently named one of Inc’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America.

Phil M. Jones

About the Author

Phil M. Jones is a serial entrepreneur, business growth expert and the best-selling author of Exactly What To Say, Exactly How To Sell, and Exactly Where To Start. He had his first business at just 14 years of age and is the youngest recipient of the “British Excellence in Sales and Marketing” award.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the course!

    • Course Introduction
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    Lead Generation

    • Lead Generation: Introduction
    • Expired: Introduction
    • Expired: Relist with same agent
    • Expired: Not ready to re-list
    • Expired: Not willing to lower asking price
    • Expired: A lot of people have already said the exact same thing
    • FSBO: Introduction
    • FSBO: Don't want to be tied down
    • FSBO: Bring me a buyer
    • FSBO: Not willing to pay commission
    • FSBO: Discount broker
    • FSBO: I can sell without you
    • FSBO: I'm not in a hurry
    • Circle Prospecting: Introduction
    • Circle Prospecting: Home just listed near you
    • Circle Prospecting: Upcoming Open House
    • Circle Prospecting: Notable home just hit the market
    • Zillow Make Me Move: Introduction
    • Zillow Make Me Move: Not in a hurry
    • Zillow Make Me Move: Just going to use Zillow
    • Zillow Make Me Move: I already have interest
    • Forced Registration: Introduction
    • Forced Registration: How did you get my information?
    • Forced Registration: I'm just browsing
    • Forced Registration: Unresponsive
    • Facebook Buyer Lead: Introduction
    • Facebook Buyer Lead: I'm just browsing
    • Facebook Buyer Lead: Unresponsive
    • Google PPC Lead: Introduction
    • Google PPC Lead: I'm just browsing
    • Google PPC Lead: Unresponsive
    • iBuyer: Introducrtion
    • iBuyer: Buying a home without a real estate agent
    • Zillow Lead: Introduction
    • Zillow Lead: I just want to know if the home is for sale
    • Zillow Lead: Work directly with the listing agent
    • Zillow Lead: Don't need buyers agent
    • Zillow Lead: I'm just browsing
    • Zillow Lead: Waiting for the perfect home
    • Zillow: Introduction
    • Zillow: Zillow says my home is worth x
    • Open House: Introduction
    • Open House: Already working with an agent
    • Open House: Don't want to pay commission
    • Open House: Invite prospects to your Open House
    • Seller Lead: Introduction
    • Seller Lead: How much is my home worth
    • Seller Lead: Not looking to sell right now
    • Seller Lead: Didn't think a real estate agent would contact me
    • Seller Lead: If the market is going up, shouldn't I wait to sell?
    • Seller Lead: Zillow says my home is worth X
    • Seller Lead: I'm going to list my home with a discount broker
    • Seller Lead: Don't think I can afford a new home
    • Seller Lead: I'm going to interview more agents
    • Seller Lead: Touch base with me in a few weeks
    • Seller Lead: I'm going to list me house without an agent
    • Seller Lead: My relative/friend is a real estate agent
    • Congrats on completing this section!
  • 3

    Lead Conversion

    • Lead Conversion: Introduction
    • Pre-Appointment: Introduction
    • Pre-Appointment: I'm going to meet with other agents
    • Pre-Appointment: Before we meet, home much do you charge?
    • Listing Appointment: Introduction
    • Listing Appointment: I'm going to be interviewing other agents
    • Listing Appointment: I want to list my home for X (way over market price)
    • Listing Appointment: Are you willing to lower your commission?
    • Listing Appointment (iBuyer): My friend just sold their home without an agent
    • Listing Appointment: We're going to think about it
    • Listing Appointment: I need to talk to my spouse
    • Listing Appointment: We're going to use the same agent
    • Listing Appointment: Will you offer me a guarantee?
    • Listing Appointment: I'm not willing to stage my home
    • Listing Appointment: I want my next house before I sell
    • Listing Appointment: I want to make a few repairs first
    • Listing Appointment: I want to wait until the busy season
    • Listing Appointment: I think your suggested price is too low
    • Listing Appointment: My home is better than the comp(s) you used
    • Listing Appointment: Why shouldn't I list with the #1 agent?
    • Listing Appointment: I'm going to list with a discount broker
    • Congrats on completing this section!
  • 4

    Customer Service

    • Customer Service: Introduction
    • Servicing: Introduction
    • Servicing: Why haven't we had more showings/offers?
    • Servicing: Suggesting a price reduction
    • Servicing: I'm not willing to stage my home or make improvements
    • Servicing: Did we accept an offer too soon?
    • Servicing (Buyers): Introduction
    • Servicing (Buyers): I want to find the perfect home and willing to wait
    • Servicing (Buyers): We lost out because we should have offered more
    • Servicing (Buyers): We think we offered too much money
    • Servicing: Referring deals to previously serviced clients
    • Congrats on completing this section!
  • 5


    • Referrals: Introduction
    • Closing: Asking for review
    • Closing: Asking for a referral
    • Past Client: Reconnecting after a long time
    • Past Client: Asking is they are going to sell this year
    • Past Client: Promoting market stats
    • Past Client: Promoting a new listing on the market
    • Past Client: Promoting a listing coming soon
    • Past Client: Expanding your services
    • Past Client: How's the market?
    • Congrats on completing the section!
  • 6

    Bonus Content

    • Bonus Content 1: Exactly What Your Marketing Should Say templates
    • Bonus Content 2: Phil M. Jones Exactly What to Say keynote speech
    • Bonus Content 3: The Conversion Code Course
  • 7

    Course Completion

    • Congrats on completing the course!